Lou's Signature Series Mufflers

Lou's Signature Series mufflers were developed just for us. It's our own line we developed for our customers.

These are great sounding, great looking mufflers that you can be proud to put on your vehicle. We carry four distinct models and each is suited for a different type of vehicle

  • Lou's Longlife Series - Equivalent to Factory Sound
  • Lou's Turbo Series - A Mild Rumble
  • Lou's Free Flow Series - Available in 14" A Powerful Race Inspired Sound & 18" A Smooth Aggressive Rumble
  • Lou's SS 409 - 40 Series - The Most Aggressive & Loud Sounding

All our mufflers come in 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", and 3" pipe diameters.

Most of our customers purchase either the 14" or 18" length mufflers. We also carry the 24" length model for those who want that particular model

  • 4" Round Straight thru freeflow
  • Lou's Freeflow, Single to Dual Straight thru design.
  • 6" Round Muffler Straight thru design.
  • Lou's 409 Oval Signature Series Freeflow Straight thru design.
  • Lou's 409 Signature Series Two chamber muffler, single in, dual out.